Medical contracting and engineering:


    • turn-key-projects:
      • planning competence
      • project management
      • mechanical and electronical works
      • medical equipment and non-medical equipment (planning and supply)
      • training

    • medical equipment packages:
      • turn-key
      • customer tailored

    • upgrading of existing facilities
    • maintenance


Hospital information technology:


    • installation and implementation of IT-systems for health care providers and health insurances
    • total hospital information system (incl. telemedicine, teleconsultation, teleeducation, teleradiology):
      • design, engineering, supply of soft-and hardware, integration/interfacing, testing, training, commissioning and turn-key implementation



Hospital environment:


    • innovative waste disposable solutions for the medical sector
      • disinfection and sterilization of infection waste
      • collection and transport of materials
      • management and training

    • waste water sterilization system (system design, engineering, supply, start up and commissioning)
    • waste water treatment (system design, engineering, supply, start up and commissioning)
    • manufacturing of road ambulances, special medical vehicles (mobile clinics, emergency cars, health protection vehicles) according to individual customer requirements


Dialysis centres:


    • planning, construction, equipment


High-performance systems and devices for medical diagnostics and therapy:


    • magnetic resonance (MR) and computed tomography (CT)
    • nuclear medicine
    • oncology care
    • X-ray systems (incl. angiography and shock-wave lithotripsy for pain therapy)
    • electrocardiography
    • respiration equipment
    • imaging systems
    • medical ultrasound diagnosis (portable, fully digital, 3D ultrasound scanning systems)



Acute point-of-care systems:


    • OR/anaesthesia: complete workstations, data management, monitoring, lighting
    • critical and emergency care: ventilation, monitoring, transport, neonatal care
    • GMS (gas management systems)


Building technology:


    • electrical engineering and equipment
    • building services control systems (incl. power supply, electrical writing, fire alarm, luminous call)
    • building installation (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, instrumentation and control systems)
    • integrated communications services


Hospital management

Education and training



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